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Ongoing Training and Support

We offer our client partners a comprehensive array of support, technical and consultative services for MedEvolve products. Services that improve your work life and your bottom line.

Call Center

Questions are inevitable, and our Call Center has the fast answers and assistance you need to properly and quickly diagnose a problem. All you have to do is call, email or fax:

Phone: Toll free 800.964.5129 or local 501.687.9099
Fax: 501.687.9276
Business hours:  7:00AM – 7:00PM, Central Standard Time, Monday – Friday

It’s so much more than simply installing hardware. MedEvolve’s experienced implementation team will partner with your practice for an effective and smooth transition. Our skilled trainers will be onsite during go-live to get you started and your staff trained. Beyond the initial visits, we will train your staff through Webinars, online instruction and onsite coaching.

MedEvolve trainers will guide your organization through a flexible, multi-tiered implementation program for learning goals and will stay on task until all goals have been met. Realistic objectives and goals for training will be built around your schedule within a week of an agreement. Physical installations typically happen within 60 days, based on staffing availability.

Our trainers will coordinate your various IT providers to avoid confusion and delays, and they’ll always be available to assist your staff for as long as necessary.

Your hard-earned profit could be ‘leaking’ right out of your revenue stream. Let us help you improve your cash flow with clean claims and clear metrics to track your results. We will help you set measurable goals, review and improve policies and monitor cash flow. With our human services, software reporting and software automations, you’ll not only reduce “cash leakage” but you’ll turn your entire cash-collection process into a streamlined profit machine.
You can’t fix what you can’t measure. MedEvolve will help you set up and implement the tools you need to track, measure and improve all facets of your practice. Perhaps you’ve just upgraded your computer systems or software, or you simply think that workflow could improve. Setting up your practice for peak performance can be a daunting task. Weeding out conflicts and inefficiency in workflow and software processes may seem impossible, but we can help. Let our specialized training staff help you maximize your return on investment.
If it’s important to you, it’s important to us to deliver. Can’t find the report you need? Our software is equipped with a hearty quantity of standardized reports, analysis tools and data mining. Additionally, our customer support staff can direct you to a report or analysis tool, which will fill your specific needs. If your exact needs demand specific, unavailable reports, our development staff can develop reports to meet the most complex requirements. If all available options are exhausted, our staff can also design custom SQL scripts to output your data into spreadsheets.
Our customers expect and receive a high level of service. But there are times when your practice might need specialized, personal service above and beyond the normal scope. That’s when our concierge service comes into play, with dedicated staff members equipped and ready to address your specific needs. Your MedEvolve rep will oversee, collaborate and consult on any and all facets of your practice and profitability. Need an outside view to track internal changes? Making major hardware or software improvements? MedEvolve is your partner and we’re dedicated to your success.
You’ve had this problem before—if only you could remember the fix! Our support team helped you last time, but you can’t call now because it’s outside of normal business hours. No worries: our customer portal is your answer! It will help you easily track open cases, view older ones and identify recurring problems. Fixed the problem or need to add more info? You can also modify any cases you’ve submitted or file new cases directly into the queue. With comments and attached documents, you can interact with our support staff to improve and eliminate past, present and future problems.
In a rush? Out of town? Now you can check your schedule on the go—right from the web browser on your mobile device! Mobi by MedEvolve is the fast and secure way to track critical information about your practice. You can view, past, present and future schedules for any doctor in your office. Appointment totals and even day notes are now at your fingertips. Mobi is perfect for both office managers and physicians, delivering key patient information directly into your pocket. High-level demographics for each patient on the schedule are available on demand, including date-of-birth, contact and insurance information. All of this is available without the need for extra equipment, apps or downloads to install and all on a device you already use every day.
You can’t manage what you can’t measure, which is why we deliver TITAN. The only SaaS application in the industry providing real-time comparative analytics on reimbursement, utilization and productivity for outpatient providers, TITAN let’s you see what Medicare, payers and the OIG have always been able to see. For the first time, you and your staff can receive proactive insights into what matters most to you, and then quickly drill down to investigate the reimbursement, utilization and productivity issues within your practice.